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Via Lungolago Conca D’oro 11
Torbole sul Garda (TN) Italy c.a.p. 38069
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Grana Trentino

The first dairy that made Grana Trentino was the social dairy at Cloz in Alta Val di Non in 1908: The experiment was repeated a few years later. It was made the same kind of cheese with a long maturation in Cavareno 1929, and this time, destinated to persistence, it is affiliated with a marriage. A girl from Cavareno married a dairyman from Lower Austria and he finally settled in Val di Non, where he brought the art of cheese-making.

Black truffle of the Garda

The black truffle from Monte Baldo, throughout Italy is estimated for its exquisite organoleptic properties and not be confused with the white Piedmont, has been be collected from the Middle Ages on between the slopes of Monte Baldo and the eastern shore of Lake Garda. This fragrant tubers were once the delight of elegant tables and as it appears in a paper of 1700, the ones which were collected in Caprino Veronese were sent for 5-6 months in the year to the German imperial court. Today, between Baldo and Lake Garda, admitted seekers are still a few hundred, including Ettore , the friend, who personally collect them for our Chef.

Small fruits of Sant'Orsola

These fruits crow just a few kilometers from Trento in the Val Mocheni, the "Land Before Time", it was at the beginning of the 19th Century, when the Austrian writer Robert Musil described it like that. The century is over, but the wild and romantic charm of this place has remained intact. In this fairytale atmosphere since over thirty years strawberries, berries and cherries grow at the cooperative Sant'Orsola.

Broccoli from Torbole sul Garda

There is no broccoli "equal" to those of Torbole. It is an indigenous plant that is only available here, with unique features and delicate taste. The Committee of the "broccoli from Torbole sul Garda", who started the process to get the Slow Food Award, holds every 17th December a gastronomic event at the marina with free food.


The taste is pleasantly smoky, speck is the best known South Tyrolean product in the world. Its special fragrance is the result of a centuries-old farming tradition to preserve pork in the often by the snow in the cold winter isolated pastures. A typical dish from South Tyrol, from the legs of the pig, which must comply with strict rules of origin.

Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P.

The production of oil in the Alto Garda Trentino has as protagonists the terraces and slopes, where the old olive groves are located. There is no other place in the world of olive cultivation in these latitudes. In 1998, Riva del Garda, the cooperative has received recognition as a DOP Garda Trentino by the European Community. With molche, the finer particles that remain of the pressing of the olive, the molche bread is made. In the local cuisine molche is used also for pasta dishes and desserts.

Chestnut of the Garda Trentino

Ancient plant with requested fruit, growing and producing in some areas in the forests of Drena and Tenno. This chestnut, brown and of medium size, has an characteristic flavor. Cultivated using natural methods they are collected from October till November, when the fruits fall to the ground.

Plum from Dro D.O.P.

Dro, in the Sarca Valley, is a local ecotype of theplum. With purple color and firm structure, it has a high content of vitamins and essential minerals such as potassium, which gives this fruit a rich nutritional value. The plum of Dro was recently recognized as protected designation of origin.


A mixture of flavors that interlock, a spice with a thousand qualities. A true elixir of life, with the property of anti-aging due to its high content of carotenoids. It boosts metabolism, aids digestion. In Greek mythology, the god Hermes used it as an aphrodisiac to arouse desire.

Carne Salada

Delicious and unique, the Carne Salada of Alto Garda owes his birth to the method of preservation, to marinate the meat. His presence in the Bassa Trentino is certified on 1515, where it is mentioned on the books of Castel Tenno the Prince Bishop Bernardo Cles. But even 400 it was mentioned in a manuscript. The meat was pressed with salt, juniper and garlic and then smoked. In the current method, it is marinated with spices and let rest for about 20 days.

Lake fish

The Garda Trentino, with white sails and the colors of the wind surfing, hides away from the ypical tourist the now rare and typical figure of the fisherman. Fish from the lake for the kitchen is not only the rare and valuable carp, but also the lake trout and whitefish. A mention deserve also the less noble but very tasty fish, such as alborells (pessate in Trentino dialect), the sardine, chub, tench, pike and perch.


This product, with pollen, royal jelly and propolis, is one of the principal natural foods. Its special properties are associated with the type of plants and the country of origin. The main types of honey of the Garda Trentino are: Flower honey, acacia, chestnut, dandelion and pine honey.